What you are interested in knowing to lose weight fast on the treadmill

Training on the treadmill is a great way to effectively burn extra calories in no time. It is an intense cardio exercise that demands constant energy, accelerates heart rate and uses accumulated fat deposits. Do you want to know how to lose weight fast on the treadmill? Aim.

If you regularly train in the gym, a few minutes of running on the treadmill can help you stay in shape and lose weight in a healthy way. On the treadmill, you control the situation (you do not run on asphalt or in the mountains) and you can plan the training on the treadmill, varying times and intensities. Do not focus so much on the kilometers you are able to travel (leave that for outdoor training) but on the effort involved in doing it. This machine offers you other possibilities that you should take advantage of to lose kilos faster by running on the treadmill.

Control the times when starting to run on the treadmill, follow a healthy diet low in fat, combine the treadmill with other sports and exercises and, also, take note of the keys to lose weight on the treadmill that we propose.

How to train on the treadmill to burn more calories?

There are many runners and athletes in general who consider that their training on the treadmill is boring and ineffective. When this happens, something goes wrong and you must consider your goals and your training methods. If your goal is to lose weight fast on the treadmill, take note of these tips and guidelines to follow.

  • Pre-warm-up is always important but, in the case of treadmill running, it is often neglected. In a matter of seconds: arrive, put on your shoes and start running “all in one” is common and is a mistake. Do ankle twists, exercises that give you flexibility … believe it or not, this way, your time on the treadmill will spread much more.
  • Run at intervals. Get the most out of the tape. Running at a steady pace is something you can do on the street. It’s not about that. Play with times and intensities (fast pace, jog, sprints…) to lose weight on the treadmill quickly: changes of pace in the stride are the “secret” formula to accelerate the loss of pounds on the treadmill. Although it is not essential, music can help you not get bored on the treadmill. Alternate melodies that invite you to “give it your all” with quieter ones. Listen to them while you run and get into the rhythm.
  • Move your arms. Swinging your arms, back and forth, with your elbows bent, not only improves your running momentum, but also involves putting your upper body muscles and your abs to work more intensely. The more muscle groups you work, the greater your calorie burn and weight loss. Do not run holding handlebars or support points with your hands.
  • Change the incline of the treadmill. Losing more or less depends on your level of demand and effort. After running for a few minutes flat, try incline the treadmill at a specific time interval. Remember that each step you take in “costs”, “is worth” twice and will help you lose weight faster.
  • Hold on a little more. Always depending on your physical condition and training level, when you finish the session, propose to run 2 – 4 more minutes on the treadmill at a comfortable and decreasing pace. You will lower your heart rate and your muscles will return to their resting state little by little, maintaining the calorie burn during that period of time.

These are the keys to losing weight faster on the treadmill. Combine this with other sports exercise and a diet healthy and balanced, not only will achieve a great physical shape but an enviable figure.