5 tips to make your body look more toned

It is not easy to define the concept of “toned body”, since it implies reducing the body fat index while gaining muscle in specific areas to get it hardened and achieve that toned appearance. Toning is the goal of many people when they decide to start playing sports since visually our physical appearance improves. However, toning is not easy, but luckily we can take advantage of the following tricks to make our body look much more toned.

1. Wax

There are several reasons to wax when doing sports (hygiene, comfort, efficiency), but we can also wax to make our body look better. With razors, we can remove hair from legs, arms, chest, or back and thus allow our body to look much more defined than with that layer of hair that prevents us from showing off a toned body. It is a very interesting resource that you should not overlook since it offers us an excellent result.

2. Compound and weighted exercises

A very common mistake is to limit ourselves to doing simple exercises, which at most involve a couple of muscles. However, it is better to do compound exercises that involve the movement of several muscles at the same time, which on the one hand allows us to save time, since we work more parts of the body at the same time, and on the other hand it allows us to perform an increased muscle work. We must not be afraid of raising the weight with which we do the exercises, since this way we will demand more from the muscle and tone better.

3. Don’t overlook cardio

We said that one of the starting points for toning is to reduce the body fat index, for which it seems essential to combine toning training with cardio. In this way we eliminate excess fat, obtaining that firm body. By cardio, we mean aerobic activities such as cycling or running, spinning, boxing or kickboxing, swimming, or similar activities.

4. Use varied routines

Repeating the same exercises every day can be very boring, so little by little we will make some changes in the routine. You can alter the order of the exercises, do an exercise in different versions (for example, one day with barbell biceps and another with dumbbell), change the exercises, etc. In this way, the muscle does not get used to the movements, and the result is more effective. Here we can highlight the importance of changing the loads so that the muscles do not stagnate, since there will come a point where lifting X kilos does not represent a great effort.

5. Follow a healthy and balanced diet

Going on a diet to try to tone up is a very common failure. More than once you have heard that we should diet daily, which implies following a balanced diet where all foods have a place. Breakfast is key, and in your daily diet, you can lack neither protein nor carbohydrates, which will give you energy and help us fill ourselves up. The key to shedding those extra kilos and not regaining them is to improve metabolism, something that will also help us tone up much better.

Now that you know these five key aspects to achieve a much more toned body appearance, it is time to get to work. Remember that you can always get advice from a professional such as the personal trainers and monitors of the gym you go to, those responsible for training groups or consult this article that will help you achieve your goals. The fact of having this professional support is also one more motivation to train daily since your will is another key aspect when it comes to getting more toned up your body.