Rowing or elliptical, which machine is better to lose weight?

If you are hesitating between choosing the rowing and the elliptical to lose weight training cardio, you have it complicated, because both machines are two excellent options to achieve your goal, although it is true one can be slightly more effective than the other. Do you want to know which one?

The best weight loss machine is the one with which you are able to burn more calories and accumulated fat in less time. Getting it depends not only on the device, but on your complexion, physical condition and your way of training. Both working on the elliptical and rowing, you will do an intense cardiovascular exercise, which will help you tone your muscles and lose weight, although the results will not be exactly the same on both machines.

How to train on the elliptical or rowing to lose weight?

Although with nuances, most coaches opt for rowing rather than elliptical if they are trying to lose weight. To give you an idea, on the elliptical you could burn between 300 – 600 kcal and hour and on the rowing between 350 and 700 or more.

If you train on the elliptical, you mainly work the muscles of the lower body, but if you also accompany the movement with your arms, holding the poles, the energy expenditure increases and the machine is extremely effective. It is also important to keep the abdomen contracted to strengthen the core and promote the “flat stomach” effect. If you prefer the elliptical to rowing when it comes to losing weight, you must bear in mind that you will have to train on it between 20 – 40 minutes per session, keeping your heart rate around 70% – 80% of its total capacity.

For its part, rowing, despite having fewer followers in the gym, is a magnificent “fat burner”, as long as the training is carried out correctly. Like the elliptical, it involves intense arm and leg training and is also excellent for strengthening the back muscles. The downside of rowing is that it requires a good execution technique that makes it possible to cut calories without ending up injuring your back. If you want to lose weight by rowing, also in this case, the heart rate should be around the minimum of 70% in a training of at least 20 – 30 minutes.

Both the rowing and the elliptical are good allies when it comes to losing weight and it is up to you to obtain the maximum performance by finding the perfect balance between your effort and the resistance that you determine in each device.

The keys to losing more weight on the elliptical or rowing

In theory, with the rowing you lose more calories per minute than with the elliptical, but it must be emphasized that it all depends on the way you exercise. Logically, if the rowing technique is too difficult for you and you can last longer training on the elliptical, the decision is clear: on the elliptical you will lose more weight in fewer weeks. In both cases, some tips to get the best result whether you choose the rowing or elliptical are:

  1. Before you start training, confirm that either machine is suitable for you. Check especially that the resistance is correct and that it forces you to make an effort, but allowing you to prolong the session for about half an hour. Only then will you make your machine effective.
  2. Remember that the intensity of the exercise should be progressive. In rowing and elliptical you will lose weight for sure, but you should start small, increasing the effort and training time as you are ready for it.
  3. Maintaining a proper heart rate is also important when burning calories. If it is very low, the training will not give the results you expect and you will mistakenly think that the machine does not work.
  4. Consult with your instructor a training plan in elliptical or rowing that will help you lose weight. Changing rhythms, including high-intensity intervals, diversifying rowing exercises are options so you can burn maximum calories whether you opt for the elliptical or if you prefer rowing. It’s up to you!