How to lose weight by boxing

If you are willing to train hard to burn loads of calories in each session while also gaining strength and muscle tone, find out how to lose weight by boxing. You will see that boxing is a way of exercising, dynamic, fun and really effective when it comes to getting rid of kilos.

More and more people are practicing boxing to lose weight and obtain excellent results. This is a sport that involves intense cardio training that incorporates strength and power exercises involving arms, legs, and core.

It is difficult to establish the number of calories and fat that you can eliminate in a boxing session, because it will depend on your physical conditions and the level of training, but getting rid of between 400 – 600 Kcal. In 45 minutes, is a perfectly achievable goal.

The basic boxing movements that will help you lose weight

Performing a series of explosive force movements coordinating arms and legs is the secret to losing weight while training boxing. Steps forwards or backwards, small jumps, knee bends .They are combined with the hip twists and torso twists that have to accompany the basic boxing “blows” that you will have to materialize with your fists. Before you start training on your own to lose weight with boxing, it is important to have a minimal understanding of the technique necessary to implement the essential punch throws. There are three strokes that you will have to practice with your arms:

  • Directs and jabs. From the starting position (defense), with the arms flexed protecting the face, throw the fist in a straight line, returning to pick it up quickly. It is important to avoid sticking your elbows out when doing the movement. When the hit is made with the back hand, which is the skillful one, it is a direct one. Jabs are delivered with the lead hand, with less travel and much less weight on impact.
  • Crochets. They consist of throwing the fist, but describing a semicircular trajectory to land the blow in the area of ​​the head or on the sides.
  • Hooks (uppercuts). They are blows that follow a vertical line (from bottom to top) and are accompanied by a small impulse that is achieved by first flexing the knees and stretching them at the moment of contact.

Of course, this is a very simple explanation to train with the punching bag or with a partner, and if you want to lose weight by practicing boxing, you will first need a good set-up and know the basic techniques of this sport.

Boxing routine to lose weight

Losing weight by boxing is possible by training at least twice a week, 30 – 45 minutes. In addition to losing kilos, with a little perseverance, you will notice how your muscle mass develops and gains strength while improving flexibility, agility and balance.

Boxing involves intense cardiovascular work. It is about “sweating the shirt”, but remember that you must increase the effort in your training always progressively. If you are just starting out or have a medium level, a boxing routine that helps you lose weight could be based on the following exercises.

1. Warming up

As in any other training, it is important to start with a good warm-up that includes a few minutes of cardio (jump rope, running, exercise bike …) and also movements aimed at preparing the arm and core muscles (abdominals, twists and extensions of arms…)

2. Series of specific hits

Practice, for example: 1 minute jab + direct + 1 minute crochets + 1 minute hooks (uppercuts). It is important to rest between 30 and 60 seconds, at the end of each of these series of blows. If the exercise seems too intense, you can do the sets of 30 – 40 seconds instead of going to the minute. If you are starting, throw your fists in the air until you control the technique and when you are ready, increase the effort by hitting in a bag, because this way, you will burn even more calories without neglecting your muscles. Remember to do the necessary footwork as you throw the punches.

3. Combat

If you train in a gym, nothing better than ending the boxing session to lose weight with a few minutes of combat with a partner, but another option is to do it individually, simply by chaining a series of fist throws while moving your feet with agility. For example, you can concatenate:

   1 series of: 2 jab + direct + 2 crochets (30 seconds) / rest 30 seconds with leg movement, including knee bends and trunk twist.
 1 series of: 2 hooks + 2 jab + direct / rest.
 1 series of: 2 jab + direct + 2 crochets + 2 hooks / rest.

You can make the combination you prefer, knowing that with them you will KO the other kilos.