A Basic Overview of Kettlebell Cardio

  • Author Edgar Williams
  • Published June 5, 2014
  • Word count 404

In recent years, men and women are starting to use kettlebell in their workout routines. There are starting to see the great befits this type of training has to offer. It’s not a secret that some of us may feel sometimes self-conscious about the way we look, and now the kettlebell is becoming a popular choice of a mix of cardiovascular and strength training. It’s not too hard to find a kettlebell or a book/DVD on routines. I’m starting to see kettlebells and books/DVDs sold together in a package.

The best thing about it is that you can take pleasure in doing this at home. Really, you don’t need to go to the gym, you don’t need a professional coach, all you need is one maybe two kettlebells a good instructional video or book, and you’re set. Kettlebells don’t take up a lot of room. It will probably be the smallest piece of multipurpose gym equipment you will ever own.

I’m sure you all heard this before pertaining to other things, but with a normal non complicated diet i.e. (no junk food, drink water not soda), and a good cardiovascular and light strength training program, you will experience weight loss and a lean body.

You can get both strength training and a cardiovascular at the same time with the kettlebell. It’s like having an entire gym all wrapped up in one neat little package. The key is not so much how the equipment performs for you its how you perform while using the equipment. What I mean by that is the way you move your body and the swinging of the kettlebell causes a resistance that your body naturally will try to balance out working your core (your midsection) and other parts of your body. There’s a reason why our military trains with the kettlebell, because it works.

Yes body builders use kettlebells for strength training, but there are lots of good cardiovascular swing routines you can do with a lighter weight for the sole purpose of losing weight and getting a lean body. Is all about the rapid movements you make with your body while you swing the kettlebell and using you muscles to control the resistance and your balance causing you to work your entire body. And it only takes just a few different routines. It’s one of, if not, the best cardiovascular training programs you could ever do.