Basketball and active rest: the perfect tandem

Active rest is one of the essential parts of a good workout as it allows the body to recover while exercising different muscle groups. Find out why basketball is one of the best sports for active rest.

What is active rest?

Active rest refers to a new type of training and is, at the same time, one of the essential parts of a good workout, since it allows the body to recover from the effort, while exercising different muscle groups.

This new sports concept refers to resting but, at the same time, being active, something that although a priori may be inconsistent, the truth is that many athletes have found that, in reality, it is much more practical and beneficial than it can. Seem.

In active rest, athletes have found a good way to keep their muscles in circulation, while practicing a different exercise than they usually do.

And it is that training at the highest level every day is not the key to success, as this demanding performance will translate into overtraining that can cause serious injuries at the muscular level.

In short, in the context of sports training, active rest refers to the period in which they rest from a regular physical activity, but the athlete continues to train with less activity, intensity and effort.

Basketball and active rest

If you are looking to take an active rest within your usual sports routine, you will be interested to know that basketball is a good alternative to complete this period of training and rest while keeping your muscles in circulation.

There are many very good reasons to switch to basketball on your active breaks. Of course, to practice it comfortably and safely, remember to get a good kit, in which you do not miss Jordan shoes:

1. Supports your bone health

The fact of being in constant movement, running, jumping and throwing the ball, helps your bones to stay in good health. And it is that during all the exercise that is practiced during a basketball game, the body is supporting you, which translates into the development of stronger bones, something that will help you reduce the possibility of injury or stop the appearance of diseases of the bone system.

2. Promotes coordination

Through the different movements that are carried out during the practice of this court sport, the body gains coordination. Therefore, practicing basketball as part of your active rest will favor the appearance of this motor skill.

3. You also strengthen your body

Although it is part of your active rest, basketball is a sport that will help you gain more strength. And it is that when playing basketball you will start up the whole organism, and in this way, you will strengthen arms, legs and wrists.

4. Helps reduce stress

While some sports can compromise stress levels, playing basketball nevertheless helps reduce the risk of stress. And it is that people who practice basketball as part of an active rest, can feel more energetic, and in this way, they can release the psychological pressures to which they are subjected daily.

5. Improve your cardiovascular health

The heart is an organ that also requires that we give it certain periods of active rest, and basketball is precisely a sport that contributes to improving cardiovascular health.

Now that you know the benefits of basketball as active rest, it is time to start it. Call your friends, they will surely sign up for an afternoon of basketball!