A Jump Manual – Will Your Vertical Jump Grow?

  • Author Chong Sowels
  • Published January 2, 2013
  • Word count 408

For the youngsters out there who are looking to make it as a top-athlete, the competition is massive.

One way to stand out from the crowd is to learn how to improve your jump. And I mean drastically!

By doing so you can fly past your opponents in basketball or spike the ball at greater angels in volleyball.

Whatever you do, an increased vertical is great for practically any sport.

The Jump Manual program was founded by Jacob Hiller and is one of the tools you should carry with you if you’re looking to do any of the above.

Jacob trains not only top-performing athletes but he also instructs coaches around the US how to improve their athletes jump using proven techniques that have stood the test of time. Along with these proven techniques he is constantly aiming to improve his skill-set by trying out new revolutionary techniques in order to get his athletes to perform above all expectations.

As for now, his advanced Jump Manual book will give you a 10 inch gain in 30 days, or you’ll get your money back. That’s how confident he is that his method works.

So what exactly do you get?

If you’ve read the jump manual you’ll know that you will get all the tools required to not only become explosive and improve your vertical but also the right mindset to improve as an athlete.

Here’s what you’ll get…

  1. Complete workout chart which shows you exactly how to do each workout to get instant results.

  2. Complete training video library with videos to show you exactly how you perform each exercise and stretch.

  3. Exact nutrition plan showing you the vital foods to eat if you want to increase your gains and reduce injury.

4, Unlimited One-On-One Training to guarantee that ALL your questions are answered.

  1. Weight room alternatives are also provided for those who for some reason don’t have access to a weight room. A terrific alternative for those who travels a lot.

Out of these 5 quality points, #4 seems to be worth 10x the asking price for this program.


Well…Imagine having full access to one of the most respected vertical jump trainers in the world, and imagine being able to ask him ANY(!) question you want…

All things aside, if you don’t improve your jump after reading the Jump manual program, you are probably in the wrong sport (and I don’t mean that in a negative way). At least then you know…