5 very effective stretches to relieve low back pain

Discomfort in the lower back area is quite common, which usually appears due to a sudden torsion of the trunk, staying in bad posture for a long time, or lifting weight improperly. If this happens to you, some gentle stretches for low back pain can be very helpful.

Suffering from low back pain can be really painful. The most serious cases require medication and consult a specialist, but it can also occur temporarily, due to a bad movement that ends up causing a contracture in the muscles of the lower back.

When the pain appears, it is necessary to give the necessary time for the muscles to recover. For this, rest is important, but we do not always have to radically reduce physical activity (except medical advice). The stretching can be a great relief from back pain, getting free gradually, the tension in the area.

How to stretch your back to combat low back pain

If after a hard race, a workout in the gym in which, perhaps, you have worked with weight, or after getting up after having slept in a bad posture you notice that it is difficult for you to “straighten up”, relieve lumbar discomfort with these stretching :

1. Lateral trunk twist

Standing with your legs hip-width apart, pass your left arm over your head, bending your torso to the same side. Hold the pose for a few seconds, return to the center and repeat to the opposite side. Remember that it is important to do the movement smoothly and slowly to relax you’re back well and that you should stop immediately if the pain becomes more intense.

2. Hamstrings

Stretching these muscles, which are located on the upper back of the legs, directly affects the relief of low back pain. Sit on the floor with your legs straight and try to grab your feet with both hands (without bending your knees). It is about bending the trunk forward as much as you can, without bouncing and holding the posture for at least 10 seconds.

3. Pelvic lift

Lying on your back with both knees bent and your arms extended next to your sides, do this double stretch with which you will feel immediate relief in the lower back. First, slowly raise your pelvis, leaning on your shoulders, until your torso forms a straight oblique line to the floor. Hold for a few seconds and descend. Do five reps. next, continue with your knees bent and together, but now extend your arms (in a cross). Slowly twist both knees to the right to stretch oblique abs and lower back. After a few seconds, return to the center and turn to the left. This is a stretch that will not only reduce lower back discomfort, but will help relax your back muscles as a whole.

4. The cat

It is a stretch against low back pain inspired by the position of “the cat”, typical of disciplines such as yoga or Pilates. Very effective and easy to do, it will provide you with relief almost immediately. Get on the palms of your hands and your knees (all fours) and curve your back raising your head upwards. You should look for the concave line. Hold for a few seconds and start the opposite movement, that is, “pull” your back up, putting your hips in and your chin down (convex line). Accompany the stretch with slow breathing and do not force the movement under any circumstances.

5. Knees to chest

Maximum efficiency in a very simple stretch that will help you to end lumbar discomfort. Try lying on your back and hold one of your knees with both hands. Bring it slowly to your chest, without bouncing. Hold 10 seconds and repeat with the other leg. To finish, do the stretch bringing both legs to your chest at the same time. You will feel much better.