Discover all the benefits that electro stimulation brings you

The latest advances in physical well-being have found in electro stimulation a very novel technique to stimulate muscle fibers through low-frequency electrical impulses. Discover all the benefits that electro stimulation brings you.

Main uses and benefits of electrostimulation

Thanks to advances in technology, important goals have been achieved in terms of physical well-being. Currently, electro-stimulation has become one of the newest techniques for working the muscles of the entire body. In addition, through electro stimulation it is also possible to burn localized fat reserves, making it an ideal technique when looking to sculpt and shape the body.

Electrostimulation is practiced through a specific device that is responsible for stimulating the muscle fibers through low-frequency electrical impulses. The contractions produced by the electro stimulator allow our muscles to gain volume, gain strength and also work resistance.

Today, electro stimulators are widely used devices in the area of ​​fitness, aesthetics and also in physiotherapy and muscle rehabilitation. But it must be taken into account that for example, I-Motion EMS professional electrostimulation equipment is not sold to individuals, but to professional sports, health or aesthetic centers.

So if you want to get in shape, lose weight and shape your body, tone your muscles or recover from a muscle injury, do not hesitate to go to one of these specialized centers to use a professional electrostimulation equipment since, through this device, you will get all these benefits:

Sports benefits

If what you are looking for is to train your muscles and gain more muscular endurance, electro-stimulation equipment will allow you to work practically all your muscles without having to apply any effort.

In addition, with an electro stimulation equipment, you will be able to increase your muscular strength and tone your muscles from the first session. In this way, you will improve blood circulation, as well as accelerate your endocrine system so that fats are better metabolized.

At a cardiovascular level, your heart will work as if you were doing physical exercise, and in a short time you will be able to increase speed and muscular endurance without risking uncomfortable injuries.

Aesthetic benefits

Many people use electro stimulation to improve their physical appearance and shape their body. If you have a few extra kilos and have tried all kinds of diets and exercises, you will be interested to know that electro stimulation will help you burn calories and, consequently, lose weight.

If you are looking to shape your figure, an electro stimulation device will help you lift your buttocks, and will also help you get rid of unsightly cellulite that appears on the thighs, arms, belly or buttocks.

And if you are one of those who suffer fluid retention, with this new technique you will be able to tone your body, thus achieving a better overall appearance of your figure, completely eliminating flaccidity.

Therapeutic benefits

If you have suffered a muscle injury that prevents you from exercising normally, electro stimulation can become your best ally. And it is that through this technique you will be able to recover more quickly from all the muscular injuries that you have suffered.

Also, if you suffer pain and discomfort from an injury, the electrical impulses produced by the electro stimulator will help you feel better.

For this reason, many physiotherapists use an electro stimulator with specific programs to treat different types of injuries, especially muscle contractures, swelling and inflammation caused by a muscle injury, and also fractures.

And it is that the electro stimulator applies effective massages on damaged muscles and bones, thus helping to alleviate the sensation of pain after an injury.