Indoor cycle or Spinning? We help you choose

Both sports modalities have become very popular in the last decade due to the benefits they bring and because cycling is one of the activities that people enjoy the most. The problem comes when you do not have enough time to go cycling or there are no safe places to ride in the area. Because of this, many people choose to go to the gym and practice a different version, but just as healthy and effective.

The benefits of exercising with the help of a bicycle are many, for this reason, more and more people choose this means to get in shape. Among the two modalities that are usually offered in gyms are the popularly known as Spinning and the Indoor Cycle.

The Spinning and Indoor Cycling tend to be confused, especially by students who attend classes taught in gyms. This is because the differences that exist between both modalities are very subtle, but very important at the same time.

What is spinning and what is Indoor Cycle?

Next, we will analyze both aspects in order to give the user the critical ability to choose which modality is the best that suits their tastes and needs:

Spinning Features

It is said that Spinning was created in California (United States) in 1987 by a man who decided to add music to his training on the exercise bike, to make it more fun.

Seeing that this form of training was more effective, he began to try his new technique, which quickly became popular. With the passage of time the movements were perfected and new ones were added, coming to combine in the same class exercises of strength, speed, distance, intervals and resistance.

Spinning is a very demanding activity, where the user needs several sessions until they can adapt to the level of training.

Indoor Cycle Features

The Indoor Cycle is a physical activity similar to the previous one, but it should always be done with an adapted stationary bike. Music is used to create ambience and help users set the necessary rhythm.

Its purpose is to work the lower body through high intensity exercises that should always be directed by a specialized monitor in the field, since it is necessary to learn how to move properly so as not to suffer damage and injuries.

It is a more complex modality because, during the process, four pedaling and hand positions are performed: flat seated (basic), flat standing (as if it were a climber), seated mountain (more force less speed) and mountain standing (climber but with weight).

What are the differences between Spinning and Indoor Cycle?

It could be said that both modalities are very similar, which is why most people confuse them on a daily basis. Although it is true that they have many similarities, there are also some subtle differences between them:

  1. Spinning is recommended for those who want to do a more fun and less technical cardio activity.
  2. On the contrary, the Indoor Cycle is a more intense sport that requires a certain physical form to be able to keep up with the rhythm of the sessions.
  3. The Indoor Cycle is a much more technical activity in which the cardiovascular frequency and pedaling speed are very much in mind. Many instructors advise their students to use a heart rate monitor so they can know exactly when they are starting to burn calories.