Surf skate: what is this modality between surfing and skateboarding about?

If you walk around a big city, you may have already run into people who surf skate. It is a new sport that is completely revolutionizing the world of skateboarding as we have known it until now. There are already thousands of followers that this new sport has in which the movements and movements of surfing are mixed, but using a special skateboard on the asphalt.

Do you know surf skate?

A surf skate is a skate that has special characteristics, since it allows the user to slide through the asphalt streets as if they were doing it with a surfboard on the waves of the sea.
To achieve this exciting sensation of sliding on the sea, the surf skater uses a long and wide board that has special axles to have a trajectory with tighter turns. A reach that would be impossible on a traditional skateboard.

What are surf skate boards like?

Every surf skate brand is different. However, this type of skate has some common parts: the board. Precisely, it is characterized by being very similar to surfboards. What are the mechanisms that are incorporated in the table? We explain it to you:

1- Front and rear axle

This board is made with a front axle, which has a special system that allows the surf skater to turn twice as much as with a conventional axle board. Thanks to its built-in springs, the board also has a rear axle, which is usually the same as a skateboard axle, but slightly wider.

2- Wheels

The wheels of the surf skate board are medium in size and soft in texture, since this is what allows the skater to make turns similar to those made in surfing on the waves of the sea. At the same time, they also give you safety on the board, because they prevent you from skidding on the asphalt. On the other hand, the upper sandpaper is the same as that of a traditional skateboard and the bearings are also the same as those of a traditional skateboard.

Aspects to consider when choosing your board

If you are going to surf skate for the first time, when choosing your first board, you must bear in mind that the largest are also the most stable. As you learn the techniques of this new sport, you will be able to climb on smaller and narrower boards.

Today, it is possible to find surf skate boards almost in any surf shop in the world, but also traditional skate shops are beginning to bet on the sale of these original boards to surf on the asphalt. If you want to buy your own surf skate board, at Single Quiver you will find the model that best suits you.

These are the advantages of practicing surf skate

The surf skate is a very appropriate tool to train the movements of surfing on the asphalt. And, at the same time, it is a very fun activity when surf lovers do not have the possibility of being near the sea. These are some benefits of this sporting discipline:

You can practice it anywhere

One of the great advantages of this sport is that it can be practiced anywhere that has a moderately skiable floor. In addition, it can be practiced on a flat surface, or on a slope, on a descending ramp or on steeper planes. In other words, each user chooses the surface they like the most and the possibilities are practically endless.

Ideal if you live far from the sea

This sport has become one of the greatest hobbies of surfers who, for various reasons and circumstances, cannot live near the waves of the sea. And it is that surf skate has become the best alternative for all those who cannot go to the sea to surf regularly.

It will help you start surfing

Have you always wanted to learn to surf? Surf skate is the easy and controlled version of this sport, since it is practiced on asphalt. In this way, you can learn the techniques used in surfing without having to ride the waves of the sea so soon.

A fun way to do sports

If you want to practice a discipline that allows you to move and have fun at the same time, surf skate is a perfect option. Its benefits include coordination, balance and body control.

Do you dare to start surfing from the asphalt?